Monday, December 26, 2005

The Prince of Peace

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'm still in Christmas mode--taking the day off and enjoying the season for one more day...ok, I'm really cleaning up all the stuff now scattered all over the house. Ah well.

I've recently done some research for a work project on bloggers in New York City. Some of them are quite good and helpful at finding the best places to see and do in the Big Apple. Others, though, gave me a glimpse into the "dark side" of humanity. Mostly liberal-minded, these bloggers use snarky tones and all sorts of foul language as their common form of conversation.

During this season when we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, it was obvious that these people know nothing of it. While these are likely the people attending peace marches and preaching against "hate" and "bigotry" I witnessed in their blog posts that they have no peace in their own lives and use both hate and bigotry in their own worldviews. They hate anyone who doesn't agree with their worldview.

It's so ironic...and sad.

The "War against Christmas" is a war against Christians. These people hate Christians and Christmas is just a convenient means to take a swipe at us. It IS ironic how that loathe Christianity so much, when it is based on the teachings of one who taught us to love and care for one another--to be peacemakers. These are values that liberals should be pursuing at all costs, so the only conclusion I can draw is that without a relationship with Jesus they are subject to a relationship with the darker spiritual nature of the world--blinding them to the truth.

I'm so thankful for the Prince of Peace in my life, and the Truth that helps me to guide my own life. Again, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Michelle Malkin weighs in on Mirecki

"The Strange Tales of Paul Mirecki"

Liberals faking hate crimes against themselves to engender sympathy to their nutty causes seems to be a common thing. His case needs to be investigated and, if he faked it, legal action needs to be taken.

The whole notion of "hate crimes" -- real or faked -- is just goofy to me. A crime against someone is illegal and punishable, but by golly if you felt animous toward someone when you committed that crime, golly...we'll really get you!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

KSU addresses Intelligent Design

From today's Capital Journal:
That other institution in Lawrence grabbed headlines over aborted plans for a course on intelligent design, but Kansas State University quietly set up a new
center months ago to tackle the same concept and related issues. The Center for the Understanding of Origins was a response last year to what was then an on-the-horizon debate over how evolution is taught in public schools. Its goals include bringing scientists and philosophers together and giving students a better understanding of how science works.

The purpose for this program--and others like it--is to prove that God is dead. For if He had no hand in the creation of life and the planet, then He is dead and never existed. The intelligencia wants a world that just spins in place by accident, with molecules bumping into each other and accidentally evolving into new life forms.

Since God does exist, as 94% of Americans believe, then why should he be excluded from the intellectual search for truth? Should the study of Him just be resigned to philosophy and mythology classes, like the study of Zeuz and Thor?

KU e-mails fuel charges of liberal bias

From today's Capital Journal:
E-mails that were written by a University of Kansas religion professor and inflamed religious conservatives during the past two weeks didn't surprise many Christians. It is what some of them have been saying all along -- that public universities are heavy on God-haters and liberals.

"They talk about diversity. Diversity at The University of Kansas, for the most part, means diversity for everyone except Christians. That's the prevailing philosophy at many universities," Maddux said. To Maddux, that means the
views of Muslim, Buddhist and atheist students are tolerated. Christian views

I don't think a Religion professor necessarily needs to be a Christian--certainly not. But they need to be able to teach about Christianity in a fair way. If they're bigoted against Christians, well...that would be like having a KKK member teach a class on Black History.