Sunday, December 04, 2005

KU e-mails fuel charges of liberal bias

From today's Capital Journal:
E-mails that were written by a University of Kansas religion professor and inflamed religious conservatives during the past two weeks didn't surprise many Christians. It is what some of them have been saying all along -- that public universities are heavy on God-haters and liberals.

"They talk about diversity. Diversity at The University of Kansas, for the most part, means diversity for everyone except Christians. That's the prevailing philosophy at many universities," Maddux said. To Maddux, that means the
views of Muslim, Buddhist and atheist students are tolerated. Christian views

I don't think a Religion professor necessarily needs to be a Christian--certainly not. But they need to be able to teach about Christianity in a fair way. If they're bigoted against Christians, well...that would be like having a KKK member teach a class on Black History.


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