Monday, October 31, 2005

Justice Alito!

I'm somewhat surprised at the pick of Samuel Alito for SCOTUS. It's a pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. It once again proves that Bush can be the most politically incorrect president in our nation's history. Not a woman? Not a hispanic? Not a minority of any kind? Just a solid judge with impeccable credentials?

I'm more political than Bush apparently, because I would have went for both conservative AND politically astute (black woman like Rogers-Brown, white woman like Edith Jones, or hispanic like Miguel Estrada). You're going to get a nasty fight anyway, but I would have liked to have seen Democrats get bloodied over hammering a minority. Now they can really cut loose and don't have to worry about offending their own constituencies.

Alito will be confirmed, and it will be a good directional move for the court.


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