Friday, September 09, 2005

Abortion clinics under scrutiny

A.G.'s attorney: Disputed records may point to crimes by providers

Our AG wants to look at medical records to prove that crimes are committed in abortion clinics, covering up child rape and illegal late term abortions.

Phill Kline is right on target. Why do abortion clinics get special protections from criminal investigations. All they have to do, it seems, is cry about how they are being targeted by a zealous anti-abortion AG and then keep on with their felonious behavior.

Go Phill!


At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Ed Swift said...

As a criminal investigator, I support Kline 100% on this endeavor. I don't believe that abortion clinics are exempt for mandatory reporting. All medical personnel, school officials and law enforcement are mandated by law to report any criminal activity related to child abuse, neglect or any criminal activity to local officials.
These clinics never get any press or attention unless some type of criminal activity occurs to the clinic. They remain quiet for a reason!
Kline deserves support from law enforcement, SRS, medical personnel and legislatures on this matter. He's on the right track!


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