Monday, August 08, 2005

Justice Sunday II

From today's Opinion Journal:

In 2003, Sen. Frist had reminded a thousand pastors at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast that the U.S. Constitution contained three religion clauses, not just the First Amendment's well-known two protecting the free exercise of religion and prohibiting a state-sponsored church. Mr. Frist used scriptural reference to an audience that understood. The religious test clause of Article VI, prohibiting inquiry into a nominee's religious views, he said, was the "rock" upon which the "house" of America's thriving religious liberty was founded.

Despite liberals' attempt to taint Justice Sunday, and perhaps because of it, the event was an enormous success, which is why this Sunday at 7 p.m. EDT, Americans can log on to for a life Webcast of Justice Sunday II--an event that will introduce Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to millions of Christians.
My church will host the live videocast of Justice Sunday II. Be sure to tune in!


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