Sunday, July 24, 2005

Racial profiling

I saw news coverage of security measures being taken at transit systems in the UK and in NYC...going through the bags of white and black women. If they're so carefully screening bags, how did more bombs explode in London last week? Oh yeah, they were carried by middle eastern men. You probably wouldn't want to check the bag of a middle eastern man, even though nearly all of the terrorist acts have been carried out by such a man, for fear that you would be a racial profiler. Heaven forbid!

Those who are charged to protect us need to identify those who resemble the people who are trying to kill us...especially if they are carrying bags! It's more important to keep us alive and in one piece (instead of hundreds of pieces scattered along a subway car) than it is to remain politically correct. They are at war with us! Innocent muslims need to bare with us as we take common sense steps to protect ourselves. They know, as we do, what color is the skin of our attackers. A little inconvenience to them is the price we must pay to stop catastrophes from happening again.


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