Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Constitutional Judges

From David Limbaugh's latest column:
I have often wondered whether liberal politicians and journalists, most of whom surely believe they are more sophisticated and enlightened than their conservative counterparts, truly don't understand the concept behind the intricate balance of powers the Framers incorporated into the Constitution or simply don't care.
I've wondered the same thing. They must think the ends justify the means, because they don't care if judges overstep their bounds by legislating from the bench as long as their own agenda is pushed forward. Unable to make liberal social gains through the ballot box, they get them through the courts.

The recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the legislature hadn't spent enough money on education is a good example. Where is it written in our state constitution that the state MUST spend $X per pupil? That's the job of legislators. It's why we elect them. If they don't spend enough on education, we fire them and elect new people. The judges shouldn't be able to "rule" that educators need to spend more money. That is overstepping their mandate. If I was in the House, I don't think I'd be paying much attention to such a ruling. "You do your job, and we'll do ours, thank you very much."

We need judges who are willing to do their jobs...interpreting the laws on the books, and not making them up as they go along and overriding the duties of our elected representatives.


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