Friday, July 29, 2005

Picking Supremes in Kansas

There is an article in the Capital Journal about the conservatives' efforts to toss out a number of judges off the Kansas Supreme Court...especially after rulings such as the recent one in which the court ordered the legislature to come up with more money for schools (clearly above and beyond their judicial bounds).

First of all, I love how Chris Moon (the reporter) says conservatives "forced through -- on sweeping public approval -- a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Kansas." How do you FORCE through something with sweeping public approval? Give me a break.

Now, onto the matter of changing the courts. The conservatives can spend a ton of money in this effort and it will result in no why bother with it? There are more efficient ways to spend money...say on defeating the liberal queen of Kansas and electing a true blue conservative as governor. How long has it been since we've had a conservative governor? We had 2 terms of Bill Graves (Republican in name only) and now 1 with Queen Kate. Spend your money on defeating liberalism folks! Win the BIG HOUSE and get your new governor to appoint solid conservatives!

Getting voters to oust a judge is a tough getting someone to buy a new garage door opener when the one they have opens and closes their doors and they'd rather not even think about how a different one would be better for them. Most voters don't care enough about how their garage door opens and long as it does. They're going through their lives in their own way and if they read something about judges ruling that schools should have more money...well, who is to argue with that!

I wouldn't throw my money at convincing people to kick out a judge, but we'll all benefit much more when we kick out the queen who appoints them and replace her with someone who will run our state better and appoint judges who will not legislate from the bench.


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