Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NARAL's opposition to Judge Roberts is about abortion profits

The same ladies (holding my nose as I use that term) of NARAL (the kill-your-children-please folks) who created a bunch of nonsense about Clarence Thomas is at it again. No lie is too big. Now they are running ads that say Judge Roberts supports fringe groups that bomb clinics...despite his published memo recommending against a presidential pardon for abortion-clinic bombers. "No matter how lofty or sincerely held the goal, those who resort to violence to achieve it are criminals."

In September 2002, when Democrats first blocked Justice Priscilla Owen from a circuit court nomination over a Texas Supreme Court ruling that upheld a parental notice law, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah put it this way:

I fear the opposition to Justice Owen from the abortion lobby is not at all about abortion rights, because abortion rights are not affected by a mere notice statute. The opposition to Justice Owen is not really about abortion rights, it is about abortion profits. Simply put, the abortion industry is opposed to parental notice laws because parental notice laws place a hurdle between them and the profits from the abortion clients--not the girls who come to them but the adult men who pay for these abortions. These adult men, whose average age rises the younger the girl is, are eager not to be disclosed to parents, sometimes living down the street. . . . At nearly one million abortions per year, the abortion industry is as big as any corporate interest that lobbies in Washington. They not only ignore the rights of parents, they also protect sexual offenders and statutory rapists.

Abortion is big business. It seems ironic that liberals are opposed to traditional big businesses that add jobs to the economy, but are 100% behind the baby killing industry. They call the oil business "Big Oil," so I guess that makes the abortion industry "Big Infanticide."


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CNN accepts NARAL, rejects Mother Teresa.

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