Thursday, September 15, 2005

Religious Bigotry in the US Senate

How obnoxious is this question posted by Sen. Dianne Feinstein to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts:
"In 1960, there was much debate about President John F. Kennedy's faith and what role Catholicism would play in his administration. At that time, he pledged to address the issues of conscience out of a focus on the national interests, not out of adherence to the dictates of one's religion. . . . My question is: Do you?"

How insulting and ridiculous. This is how "understanding" the left is of people of faith and why they will never get traction with religious people. It is flat-out religious bigotry. Listen up Feinstein: there MAY be a separation of church and state, but to people of faith, there can't be a separation of person and faith. Judge Roberts' faith is simply a part of who he is. The fact that he is a practicing Catholic is simply how he expresses his faith in worship.

For you to snivel at the faithful as if our beliefs need to be completely separated from our decision making process in governance or otherwise is both ignorant and ugly bigotry.

We're supposed to in such an enlightened age--much more than 1960--but yet a modern cosmopolitan liberal can still express well-thought-out religious bigotry on the national stage and not even blush. Amazing.


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