Monday, February 25, 2008

Late Term Abortion

Report from Charlotte Esau, executive director of Kansas Republican Assembly:

Two bills had hearings in House Fed & State this past week, HB 2615 & HB 2736. The first would make it abundantly clear what must be reported as to the actual justification of the late term abortion. Right now providers are getting away with just repeating the statute. This bill is a direct result of the special committee meeting last summer, on which I posted two reports: A lesson in how Kansas Government Plays "Pass the Buck" and Her Name is Michelle.The other bill, 2736, would add several good provisions such as the mother being offered the option of seeing the ultrasound if one is used at any point before or during the abortion. After sitting through the testimony of both the proponents of the bills, who gave ample reasons why we should pass them and then the opponents, who offered nothing to justify not passing the bills, one would presume both bills could get out of committee. At this point, though, their future is not known.



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