Sunday, December 04, 2005

KSU addresses Intelligent Design

From today's Capital Journal:
That other institution in Lawrence grabbed headlines over aborted plans for a course on intelligent design, but Kansas State University quietly set up a new
center months ago to tackle the same concept and related issues. The Center for the Understanding of Origins was a response last year to what was then an on-the-horizon debate over how evolution is taught in public schools. Its goals include bringing scientists and philosophers together and giving students a better understanding of how science works.

The purpose for this program--and others like it--is to prove that God is dead. For if He had no hand in the creation of life and the planet, then He is dead and never existed. The intelligencia wants a world that just spins in place by accident, with molecules bumping into each other and accidentally evolving into new life forms.

Since God does exist, as 94% of Americans believe, then why should he be excluded from the intellectual search for truth? Should the study of Him just be resigned to philosophy and mythology classes, like the study of Zeuz and Thor?


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