Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brownback on the Federal Marriage Amendment

"Same-sex marriage proponents argue that sexual orientation is like race, and that opponents of same-sex marriage are therefore like bigots who oppose interracial marriage. Once same-sex marriage becomes law, that understanding is likely to be controlling." Brownback pointed to a litany of potential negative consequences for traditional faiths: "So in states with same-sex marriage, religiously affiliated schools, adoption agencies, psychological clinics, social workers, marital counselors, etc. will be forced to choose between violating
their own deeply held beliefs and giving up government contracts, tax-exempt status, or even being denied the right to operate at all. ... It's already happening, as we've seen in Massachusetts with Boston's Catholic Charities being forced out of the adoption business entirely rather than violate church teaching on marriage and family."

The left shuts down debate by calling anyone who disagrees with their views a "bigot" or "homophobe" or whatever name suits their purpose for whatever cause they are supporting. It stifles the competing views because who wants to be called a bigot?

If gay marriage becomes law, no one will get married because "marriage" will be meaningless. You see it in the countries like Denmark where gay marriage is the law of the land. And, as Brownback says, it will hurt religious freedom because it will be illegal for Christian organizations to operate under their own belief systems without violating discrimination laws.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Another Pornography in Kansas Update from Operation Prairie Wind

I'm posting another letter I've received from Phillip Cosby of Operation Prairie Wind...

Operation Prairie Wind,

BIG NEWS...Yesterday I stopped in to visit with Ken Canfield and I must share with you a part of his vision that you and I care so deeply about. Ken believes that as goes goes the nation. Ken has watched and cheered the work that you have done to aggressively confront the pornography and sex shops in Kansas and sees this as a cleansing fire in preparation for the green grass of spring. But more than that, here is his vision.

As Governor of Kansas Ken intends to have Kansas bring lawsuits against the pornography industry and internet porn sites for those very same negative effects the courts have validated as real for the past thirty years and is the basis for SOB zoning laws.

I was thrilled! I had envisioned that this was possible but I had no idea that this was already part of Kens plan. This is huge, for when Kansas does this, other states will quickly follow. It is similar to the judgments against the tobacco industry.

We have worked hard to get to this point and now we must press the fight. Get involved and spread the good news.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Making Christian Adoption Agencies Illegal

It's starting...the unforeseen consequences of making gay marriage legal and putting gay relationshions in parity with heterosexual marriage. In Massachusetts, you can't be a Christian adoption service provider because you are forced to put children in the homes of homosexual couples even if it violates your basic religious principles. This has caused Catholic Charities to stop their longstanding service of helping orphans and adoption candidates to find permanent homes.

When we fought to keep our local government from writing into ordinances "anti-discrimination" rules for homosexuals, we were called bigots. But it's clear that any effort to put homosexuals in a protected class, along with those based on gender and color, leads down this road.

These types of laws put religious organizations in the precarious position of violating their own belief systems to adhere to the law--which is a heavy-handed way for government to strip away our religious liberties.

Believe it or not, I know gay people--and they have adopted children. I think they are very nice people and I believe they are better parents than many heterosexual couples out there. It's not a natural system of parenting...that's for sure...but it's better than children being placed in foster home after foster home, and it's better than being placed with an abusive or neglectful heterosexual home. But here comes the big BUT...

But religious organizations shouldn't be forced to violate their beliefs to make such adoptions possible. They should be free to find good heterosexual homes--the IDEAL situation for children--and continue to do their terrific service to their communities and families.

Here's a good column on the situation in Massachusetts.

It's very important that you support any efforts to protect the sanctity of marriage. If we lose marriage, it's not a far leap before government forces Christian institutions to provide housing, adoption services, etc. to gay couples in clear violation of their religious liberties.