Friday, June 02, 2006

Another Pornography in Kansas Update from Operation Prairie Wind

I'm posting another letter I've received from Phillip Cosby of Operation Prairie Wind...

Operation Prairie Wind,

BIG NEWS...Yesterday I stopped in to visit with Ken Canfield and I must share with you a part of his vision that you and I care so deeply about. Ken believes that as goes goes the nation. Ken has watched and cheered the work that you have done to aggressively confront the pornography and sex shops in Kansas and sees this as a cleansing fire in preparation for the green grass of spring. But more than that, here is his vision.

As Governor of Kansas Ken intends to have Kansas bring lawsuits against the pornography industry and internet porn sites for those very same negative effects the courts have validated as real for the past thirty years and is the basis for SOB zoning laws.

I was thrilled! I had envisioned that this was possible but I had no idea that this was already part of Kens plan. This is huge, for when Kansas does this, other states will quickly follow. It is similar to the judgments against the tobacco industry.

We have worked hard to get to this point and now we must press the fight. Get involved and spread the good news.



At 10:06 PM, Anonymous BL said...

First, I didn't do anything about Gun control, now I must let the Federal government know that I own a gun before I can buy one. Just another way of government control. Now they know I have a gun and they know who to come after when they start their takeover. Then I didn't protest when they started raising the taxes on cigaretts, now I pay more that twice what I did when I excersized my rights as an American citizen. Then I let them start judging for what I do, within the law, and this makes me a Law breaker? Where does it end, People? CMON AMERICA! WAKE UP!

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do any of you have any idea what Phil C. has done in order to get this "Dusty law" enacted on us? He has brought in to your City Prostitutes, Whores, Drug dealers, Pimps, Cross-Dressers, Lesbians, Gays......all with the blessings of your Topeka Police Deoartment....CMON PEOPLE! WAKE UP!


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