Friday, May 19, 2006

Tyrannical Judges Squashing Public Viewpoints on Marriage Protection

The "Men in Black" are squashing the public's nationwide demand for protection of traditional marriage. A Georgia Superior Court Judge, Constance C. Russell, denied Georgians their voice on the matter: 76% of the voters for a constitutional amendment aimed at defining marriage between one man and one woman had their collective voices silenced by one stroke of his pen.

Read Kevin McCullough's article about it.

In 1973, other men in black didn't give Americans a voice on the subject of abortion, with their ridiculous ruling in Roe v. Wade--and Americans have been fighting ever since instead of working toward a reasonable legislative solution.

The same will happen with marriage. By forcing their liberal ideology on the rest of Americans instead of letting the matter be settled through the legislative process, they are setting us up for decades of cultural warfare.


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