Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Evangelical Environmentalism

I am an environmentalist. I believe God charged us with being stewards of the earth. We must take all reasonable efforts to ensure that the planet and its inhabitants are cared for.

That said, I'm not buyin' the whole Global Warming thing. Is the earth warming? Probably to a degree. What (or who) is responsible? We are, apparently. My wife's hairspray and my Xterra are to blame. I fess up.

So which of the cavemen were to blame for the end of the Ice Age? Now THAT was global warming my friends!

Scientists have only been monitoring global tempurature changes for what...100 years? That is a teeny-weeny sliver of the history of the earth. How can they know that changes in global temps aren't caused by anything other than natural warming and cooling cycles?

Now a bunch of evangelical leaders are signing on to the left-wing propaganda. C'mon fellas (and fell-ettes)...don't be suckered. The cost in terms of dollars and human suffering for signing on to Kyoto and other environmentally whacky accords would be astronomical. You want to protect the poor from the effects of global warming by increasing the cost for them to get to work and heat their homes? How does that make sense.

Here is a nice column on it.


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