Saturday, May 27, 2006

Religious Left

Read this nice column on how the "religious left" (ie those who want to pretend to be religious so they don't lose the votes of religious people):

Give Me that Old-Time (Liberal) Theocracy

We don’t need another moral philosopher, we need a savior. As Whittaker Chambers saw, the mark of the crisis of our civilization is that if all the material needs of men were satisfied, they would still die of despair.

Liberals treat Jesus as simply a moral philosopher who taught social justice for the poor, rather than dying for our sins and fulfilling the laws of the Old Testament. Certainly Jesus would be a socialist like them, right? The government should care for its people more.

Conservatives worship the wrong Jesus, or the wrong teachings, apparently. We're heartless imperialist capitalists who only care about making money.

The fact that they don't understand our faith, our Jesus, and how we care for people without government, means that they will never have a strong showing among the truly faithful.


At 1:11 AM, Blogger the Prince of Thrift said...

Hi Talon -
I liked what Toney Evans said a few years back:
The white members of my congregation, tend to be Republicans, because of the "moral issues." While the black (african-american) members tend to be Democrats, because of the "social issues."

How true that is. Abortion is murder so us whities tend to be Republicans. However, God also said to be good stewards. As Christians we have perverted that to be only about money, However a serious look at the issue and we find that a steward is a manager...we are to be managers of EVERYTHING (not just money) that God has intrusted to us. This would mean that even the earth is to be taken care of. Enviromental issues is one of those social issues that the Democrats do better then us Republicans. Neither party is 100% right. If we could look at the scriptures and put together a platform that is 100% biblical it would be awesome. Welfare was an issue the Democrats were to liberal on, the Republicans with welfare reform went to far the other way, not providing the budgeting lessons and how to work instructions that many of these people are so in need of before landing and keeping a job. Of course ideally the Government shouldn't be involved, instead our churches should, unfortunatly they have droped the ball.
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