Monday, October 31, 2005

Justice Alito!

I'm somewhat surprised at the pick of Samuel Alito for SCOTUS. It's a pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. It once again proves that Bush can be the most politically incorrect president in our nation's history. Not a woman? Not a hispanic? Not a minority of any kind? Just a solid judge with impeccable credentials?

I'm more political than Bush apparently, because I would have went for both conservative AND politically astute (black woman like Rogers-Brown, white woman like Edith Jones, or hispanic like Miguel Estrada). You're going to get a nasty fight anyway, but I would have liked to have seen Democrats get bloodied over hammering a minority. Now they can really cut loose and don't have to worry about offending their own constituencies.

Alito will be confirmed, and it will be a good directional move for the court.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kansas court gives equal treatment to illegal gay sex

From a Capital Journal article:
"Attorney General Phill Kline doesn't plan to appeal a unanimous ruling Friday by the Kansas Supreme Court that the state can't punish illegal underage sex more harshly if it involves homosexual acts.

The American Civil Liberties Union hopes to get the case to a lower court next week to obtain the release of Matthew R. Limon, who is serving a prison sentence of 17 years and two months for performing a sex act on a 14-year-old boy in 2000."

I think it is correct to punish predatory sex, hetero or homo, and don't think one should be punished harsher than the other. The ACLU, of course, rushed to defend this punk who has a previous record of preying on younger kids. I couldn't get out of bed every day if it was my job to defend the civil liberties of vile perverts and predators while doing everything possible to destroy the church and decent society.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Miers choice

During the past election I cared more about who would end up on the Supreme Court as the result of the presidential election than who sat in the White House. The High Court has probably had more of a direct impact on our culture, our country, and our lives than the man sitting in the White House. So I fought for George W. Bush and he has done OK I think...but he certainly has opted against a fight for me. He picked two fairly safe people who liberals can't jump on because neither of them has ever written anything exceptionally interesting on any of the hot button topics. They are blank slates that he didn't have to "go to the mattresses" for. We'll see. I'm disappointed because I wanted the fight. I wanted him to show some moxie. Some courage. FIGHT for the conservative cause and the long-standing impact on our culture and the protection of things we hold sacred that the Court holds in its hands. I hope and pray we'll be better off for his choices, but I'm sorely disappointed because he missed so many great opportunities with his choice of Miers. Janice Rogers Brown, Miguel Estrada--great minds with a great conservative record on the court. WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!

Mr. Bush, it's disappointing when you will fight so hard for Iraq but not for me--your base.