Saturday, May 27, 2006

Religious Left

Read this nice column on how the "religious left" (ie those who want to pretend to be religious so they don't lose the votes of religious people):

Give Me that Old-Time (Liberal) Theocracy

We don’t need another moral philosopher, we need a savior. As Whittaker Chambers saw, the mark of the crisis of our civilization is that if all the material needs of men were satisfied, they would still die of despair.

Liberals treat Jesus as simply a moral philosopher who taught social justice for the poor, rather than dying for our sins and fulfilling the laws of the Old Testament. Certainly Jesus would be a socialist like them, right? The government should care for its people more.

Conservatives worship the wrong Jesus, or the wrong teachings, apparently. We're heartless imperialist capitalists who only care about making money.

The fact that they don't understand our faith, our Jesus, and how we care for people without government, means that they will never have a strong showing among the truly faithful.

Friday, May 26, 2006

A message from Operation Prairie Wind


GOOD NEWS...FINALLY... the dam in Kansas can be unleashed.

Today I went to the Governor ' s office in Topeka and confirmed the following: The two little unconstitutional words "sexually provocative" were struck from the Kansas Obscenity Statute and signed by the Governor. This was the one little fly in the soup that caused so many prosecutors and courts to hesitate, make excuse or refuse to prosecute the pornography outlets in their cities.

You and your local prosecutor can now move forward to begin "promotion of obscenity" charges. First we fixed the Grand Jury petition to make it easier (2005) and now the obscenity law itself has been fixed.

The following cities are now free to finish what they have begun:

Abilene: the judge found in favor for the prosecutor on all points but this one flaw, now ask the County Attorney to prosecute again.

Wilson: A guilty verdict was rendered but is the appeal process and the court was waiting for the flaw to be fixed. By the way I ran into your State Representative Josh Svaty and he was eager to share that things are moving to pass a county SOB ordinance to protect you from the now vacant porn shop from becoming another one next week. Good work, keep up the pressure!

Concordia: No reason to wait now, two porn outlets down and three more to go.

Great Bend: The three porn shops on your main street should be having a hog roast to raise money for a defense attorney.

Hays: You are clear for take off! Look out Hays, the Lions Den porn shop is looking for an interstate location when they shut down in Abilene and I don't think you have an SOB ordinance to protect you yet.

Salina: You have one more shop on the interstate that was untouched in the last Grand Jury petition, so let your County Attorney have another go at it. After all, the other two porn shops on either side of you on the interstate are now closed or must be gone by mid December.

Topeka : Your DA is chomping at the bit for the Grand Jury you have empanelled and is eager and able to get started, your work in Shawnee County is about to shake the state. Everyone...WATCH TOPEKA!

Hutchinson : Kind of quite down there but we hope to hear good things from you.

Wichita : I predict your current obscenity trial against Priscilla's porn outlet will soon stop treading water in pre trial continuances and be moving forward.

Pittsburg: You are a small group but you have a big God, be bold!

McPherson: You have only one porn outlet but now is your chance.

Manhattan: The embers of your fire are about to combust, contact Pastor Dennis Ulrey @ 776-9069. To think a porn shop is just yards away from a Church and a grade school in your County should have you in anguish.

Kansas City: We've only just begun here but all the above led the way.

The scriptures, the Federal and Kansas law agree. Obscenity is illegal and immoral and should be exposed for the danger it is... the only variable is our resolve. If not you, Who? If not now, When? If not here, Where?

I am only a phone call away to help.


Phillip Cosby,
Executive Director, Kansas City
706 N. Lindenwood Drive Suite 103
Olathe, KS. 66062
(c) 913-787-0075
(w) 913-768-8484

Friday, May 19, 2006

Tyrannical Judges Squashing Public Viewpoints on Marriage Protection

The "Men in Black" are squashing the public's nationwide demand for protection of traditional marriage. A Georgia Superior Court Judge, Constance C. Russell, denied Georgians their voice on the matter: 76% of the voters for a constitutional amendment aimed at defining marriage between one man and one woman had their collective voices silenced by one stroke of his pen.

Read Kevin McCullough's article about it.

In 1973, other men in black didn't give Americans a voice on the subject of abortion, with their ridiculous ruling in Roe v. Wade--and Americans have been fighting ever since instead of working toward a reasonable legislative solution.

The same will happen with marriage. By forcing their liberal ideology on the rest of Americans instead of letting the matter be settled through the legislative process, they are setting us up for decades of cultural warfare.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Minimum Marriage Age in Kansas

Kansas' governor signed a measure Wednesday setting 15 as the minimum marriage age, prompted by the case of a pregnant 14-year-old from Nebraska who came to the state to marry her 22-year-old boyfriend.

CNN Article.

In the old days, 14 years was pretty much "marrying" age for girls. Based on the 14 year old girls I know today, I can't imagine the girls of yore were as ill-prepared for marriage as those of today.

I don't know what is so magic about 15--it's either arbitrary or one year older than the girl mentioned in the story.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally...Jessica's Law in Kansas!'s about time! They stripped out the requirement for private prisons and passed Jessica's Law.

We're finally serious about punishing sex offenders in Kansas.