Friday, October 27, 2006

Blood Money Behind Morrison's Campaign

Candidate for Kansas AG, Paul Morrison, is richly funded by blood money from pro-abortion forces. Late term abortionist George Tiller's PorKanDo PAC held a fundraiser for Morrison on July, 25, 2006 in Washington DC. Tiller and friends have pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars to Morrison as a down payment on Morrison's anticipated favors—looking the other way as the children of Kansas are raped and abused under the watchful eye of Planned Parenthood and George Tiller.

Paul Morrison recently reported that he has already raised over one million dollars to defeat Phill Kline. The smear campaign is in full progress.

Three years ago Phill Kline's entire campaign budget was $315,000.00. In that election, 'Tiller the Killer' contributed $300,000 of his own money to his personal PAC to defeat Kline. What is an honest Christian candidate to do when the contributions of a single notorious abortionist nearly exceeds his entire budget for the general election?

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The Abortion industry understands the stakes in Kansas

A battle of national importance is raging in the heartland of America. And every prolifer is needed on the field. There are actually two battles—one legal and one political—and they intersect at the office of Phill Kline, the courageous Attorney General for the State of Kansas.

For several years now Attorney General Kline has forged a new frontier in conducting an ongoing criminal investigation into the illegal abortion practices involving failure to report child rape to the proper authorities (as required by Kansas law). In simple terms, any child who is brought into an abortion clinic for an abortion has been the victim of child rape. Why, then, would anyone protect a child rapist over the safety of a child?

Needless to day, for daring to discharge the duties of his office Attorney General Kline has drawn the fury of Planned Parenthood and late-term abortionist George Tiller (known as "Tiller the Killer") of Wichita, both of whom are desperate to stop Kline's investigation and particularly his subpoena of the abortionists' medical records that relate to late term abortions and abortions of minors.

As the court battle rages on, Attorney General Kline finds himself in the crosshairs of Planned Parenthood and George Tiller as his bid for re-election culminates with the Novemeber 7 election just around the corner. The hypocrisy of the pro-abortion forces has reared its ugly head for as they now scream that Kline is on a witch hunt to violate the privacy of women patients (despite that all names by court order are to be expunged from the record before being handed over), the clinics themselves have the women sign a disclosure which reserves for the clinic the right to release the patient's name, address, phone number, and date of abortion to political fundraisers.

It is clear that Kline's effort could cripple every abortionist in America. Securing the proof that the abortionists failed to report child abuse and rape and/or that they committed criminal late-term abortions will likely lead to criminal prosecutions. The likely result could be jail time for the abortionist who ignored the laws. Additionally, Planned Parenthood could lose its federal funding (approximately $227 million just in the last calendar year).

All of this explains why the defeat of Phill Kline has become the number one priority of the pro-abortion industry nationwide. They clearly understand what is at stake here. They know that if Kline succeeds in his criminal investigation in Kansas all forty-nine other states will likely follow his lead. The Attorney General's office may just become the most coveted pro-life office in the land. You can bet if child rape is not being properly reported in Kansas, it is not being properly reported in other cities and states as well. Imagine Planned Parenthood losing its federal funding in every state.

Are you beginning to understand how frantic they are to defeat Phill Kline?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Paul Morrison Melt Down


The Morrison Meltdown by raubin
October 24th, 2006
Audio of Paul Morrison’s meltdown. I am still astounded that after 7 minutes Paul Morrison ripped the headphones off his head, slammed them on the table, then spun around and stormed out of the casino.For those of you that heard it live, or stood by with your mouths gaping (some 20 broadcasters witnessed the incident), or in my case sat in front of Mt. Saint Morrision, it was certainly a moment to remember. I felt a little like Tom Cruise (back when he wasn’t an alien, jumping on Oprah’s couch) in A Few Good Men, only I am not sure what actually happened to cause the Chernobyl like event.

We did not “waylay” or ambush him as a caller and a few emails have claimed, it is true Megan and I have disassembled many double talking politicos and government functionaries, occasionally for sport, but more often than not to hold them accountable for their actions or inaction in their capacity as a leader, but this was much different. He has nearly 26 years in the Johnson County DA’s office and about 100 jury trials, plus he is running for Kansas Attorney General. SO he may have been born at night, but it was not last night.His campaign attorney sent a letter last week to the broadcasters in this state threatening their broadcasting licenses if they continued airing a commercial that is critical of him.He arrives to debate Phill Kline at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters annual convention and a week prior agrees to do an interview after that debate with our show.
Preparation is everything, I passed on covering myself in camouflage paint and instead dawned my urban warfare motif consisting of a red long sleeve shirt, black khakis and of course what all the young terrorist are wearing, black Crocs. After seducing him into our lair with our warm welcome, which elicited nothing more than a grunt response, we toss a softball, how was the debate?
Seriously though, if asking him an obvious question about the threat he leveled against broadcast stations, at a prearrange live interview, at the annual convention of the people he threatened is an ambush, I am guilty as charged. (mental note: add Johnson to the list of counties not to get arrested in) This man acted like a bully from the onset of the interview, at one point even winked at me to drive home some sort of Machiavellian intimidation tactic. (mental note: Move Johnson to the top of list of counties not to get arrested in) I believe the audio speaks for itself all seven minutes of it, with a crescendo ending as he slams down his headset and storms off in the most astounding meltdown I have seen or heard in my 5 years of doing this show or in my 15 years of broadcasting. Can you imagine this man under real pressure?
ADDED: Mr Morrison chastise me on the Kansas Supreme ruling,HERE,After review it is clear again that Paul Morrison is not interested in the truth. In relation to Phill Kline, invading the privacy of patience it is spelled out clearly here:“Judge Anderson’s order also provided for certain precautions to guard against unnecessary disclosure of sensitive, confidential, or irrelevant information in the patient files:(1) The files were to be deposited in the district court and would not be disclosed to anyone, including the attorney general or his agents, until further court order;(2) the court would select special counsel to conduct an initial in camera review of the files and to assist in identifying sensitive, confidential, or irrelevant information; and(3) the court would require the attorney general to “nominate one or more licensed physicians to examine medical records” and to explain to the court the relevance of any document designated for photocopying. Judge Anderson also stated that the redaction of patient-identifying information would be considered before any copies of the files would be released. Finally, petitioners were to be given an opportunity to make suggestions regarding the management of the records to cause no broader intrusion into the patients’ privacy than necessary.”He then contends the KSC found it troubling that he wanted the private information, this too is a misstatement of what the court said. In fact the word troubling appears only twice in the entire ruling, and are in the same paragraph dealing with a gag-order place on the case:“Kline’s initial responses were troubling. He admitted that he attached sealed court records to a brief he knew would be unsealed; that he did so knowingly because, in his sole estimation, he believed it to be necessary to further his arguments; that he held a press conference on this criminal matter merely because he determined that petitioners had painted his previous actions in an unflattering light; and that he later permitted his staff to provide electronic copies of the sealed transcript to anyone who requested them. In essence, Kline has told this court that he did what he did simply because he believed that he knew best how he should behave, regardless of what this court had ordered, and that his priorities should trump whatever priorities this court had set. Furthermore, although there is conflict between the parties on exactly what was said in the press conference, i.e. whether the actual content of the sealed documents was discussed, Kline’s stated reason for holding the conference — to combat what he saw as unflattering earlier press coverage — does not appear to be among the permissible reasons for an attorney in his position to engage in extrajudicial statements under Kansas Rule of Professional Conduct 3.6 (2005 Kan. Ct. R. Annot. 473). This too is troubling.”
The media in this state has continued to allow Paul Morrison to continually misstates facts because of either sloth reporting or a bias against the current AG. This must stop, and I will continue to demand honest answers from people either seeking or holding public office on this program. It may be uncomfortable for some, but it is my duty to you and other listeners to bring these inconsistencies to light.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jim Barnett for Governor

If Barnett doesn't have the money for a better quality ad, it's amazing he is able to gain any ground at all. But you can't argue with the point of this ad. Queen Sebelius has no problem whatsoever with rewarding illegals with drivers licenses, in-state college tuition and anything else that be a privilege of being a legal resident of Kansas.

Phill Kline

Phill Kline is a man of integrity who works hard to protect our state's citizens and enforce the law. And yes, he's a man of faith. It's sad the media try to hold that against him, and make it a bad thing for him to try to leverage his natural constituency of church people.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Red State Freak Show

Read this National Review article entitled The Red State Freak Show. The author, stationed in Europe, notes how over there abortion just isn't the big deal as it is in the U.S. and talks specifically about Kansas. In Europe, an area that most of consider to be very left-wing, there are basically no legal abortions after the first trimester. This was a law established by lawmakers--elected by the people--rather than imposed by the courts as we have here.

Some excerpts:

He describes Kansas, where "there are more restrictions on crappie fishing than there are on abortions; where one of the state’s most influential political donors is Dr. George Tiller, whose late-term clinic in Wichita has made Kansas notorious and Tiller rich; and where the state’s Democratic governor, Kathleen Sebelius, is so protective of abortion “rights” that she even vetoed a bill requiring routine inspections of health clinics, lest the inspection inconvenience abortion docs."


In Kansas, voters are being treated to the spectacle of a former “moderate” GOP leader named Paul Morrison switching parties to run a Stowers-funded campaign for attorney general as a Democrat against the Republican incumbent, Phill Kline. Morrison’s big issues? They are two: Kline’s assumed opposition to embryonic stem cell research; and his insistence that abortion providers obey the law requiring them to file a report with authorities when doctors find evidence of child molestation. The state attorney general enforcing the law is something Morrison, with the help of the Kansas press, has painted as extreme. Meanwhile, Morrison and Sebelius are both staunch advocates of unrestricted abortions and unrestricted embryonic stem cell research, positions the local press describes as “moderate.” Their rivals, such as Jim Barnett, the mild-mannered Emporia physician and GOP gubernatorial candidate, are often portrayed as conservative flakes.

But if Kansas were in Europe, it would be a rogue state, isolated from others by the weirdness of its social policies.

AG race swings in Morrison's direction

This is very scary...

This Capital Journal article refers to a new poll that shows Paul Morrison leading Phill Kline by 13 points! Morrison is funded by huge pro-abortion and pro-cloning forces outside the state, and Kansans are being suckered by his misleading ads about Kline seeking information from medical records of abortion clinics. The ads make it seem that Kline is seeking information on all procedures, but he is only seeking information on cases in which a minor child has an abortion because it is clear that a crime has been committed. If a 13 year old girl is pregnant, a crime has been committed, and only abortion clinics get a pass and aren't forced to report the crime. In many of these cases, it is a step father or other adult male that impregnated the girl and waits out in the car while the abortion they pay for is performed. If a counselor discovers evidence of child abuse, he/she is forced by law to report it to authorities, but abortion clinics see evidence of child abuse every day but cover up the evidence.

Do your best to support Phill Kline. Kansas is already the abortion capital of the country. We don't need Paul Morrison to exacerbate the situation.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The David Zucker Albright Ad

This is a very funny video that makes a very serious point about the Democrats' approach to national defense: playing nice to our enemies.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Religion, madness and secular paranoia

You MUST read this column.

"Religion, Madness and Secular Paranoia"

It is about the flood of anti-Christian books and media efforts to squash public expressions of Christianity?

Why would people find "loving your neighbor," being charitable, respecting the sanctity of life, and other tenets of the Christian faith to be so objectionable? Why would Christians be compared to radical Islamists who are blowing up cars and killing children?

The columnist thinks it may be that the secular left battles that tiny corner in their brains that fears that we may be right about God, and if we ARE right, then they are REALLY going to lose in the end.