Tuesday, October 17, 2006

AG race swings in Morrison's direction

This is very scary...

This Capital Journal article refers to a new poll that shows Paul Morrison leading Phill Kline by 13 points! Morrison is funded by huge pro-abortion and pro-cloning forces outside the state, and Kansans are being suckered by his misleading ads about Kline seeking information from medical records of abortion clinics. The ads make it seem that Kline is seeking information on all procedures, but he is only seeking information on cases in which a minor child has an abortion because it is clear that a crime has been committed. If a 13 year old girl is pregnant, a crime has been committed, and only abortion clinics get a pass and aren't forced to report the crime. In many of these cases, it is a step father or other adult male that impregnated the girl and waits out in the car while the abortion they pay for is performed. If a counselor discovers evidence of child abuse, he/she is forced by law to report it to authorities, but abortion clinics see evidence of child abuse every day but cover up the evidence.

Do your best to support Phill Kline. Kansas is already the abortion capital of the country. We don't need Paul Morrison to exacerbate the situation.


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