Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Brownback on the Federal Marriage Amendment

"Same-sex marriage proponents argue that sexual orientation is like race, and that opponents of same-sex marriage are therefore like bigots who oppose interracial marriage. Once same-sex marriage becomes law, that understanding is likely to be controlling." Brownback pointed to a litany of potential negative consequences for traditional faiths: "So in states with same-sex marriage, religiously affiliated schools, adoption agencies, psychological clinics, social workers, marital counselors, etc. will be forced to choose between violating
their own deeply held beliefs and giving up government contracts, tax-exempt status, or even being denied the right to operate at all. ... It's already happening, as we've seen in Massachusetts with Boston's Catholic Charities being forced out of the adoption business entirely rather than violate church teaching on marriage and family."

The left shuts down debate by calling anyone who disagrees with their views a "bigot" or "homophobe" or whatever name suits their purpose for whatever cause they are supporting. It stifles the competing views because who wants to be called a bigot?

If gay marriage becomes law, no one will get married because "marriage" will be meaningless. You see it in the countries like Denmark where gay marriage is the law of the land. And, as Brownback says, it will hurt religious freedom because it will be illegal for Christian organizations to operate under their own belief systems without violating discrimination laws.


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