Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Reasonable folks are unreasonable

A nice article on the rise of reason and the decline of faith can be found here.

An excerpt:

"...the era that began the modern Western assault on Judeo-Christian values is known as the Age of Reason. That age ushered in the modern secular era, a time when the men of "the Enlightenment" hoped they would be liberated from the superstitious shackles of religious faith and rely on reason alone. Reason, without God or the Bible, would guide them into an age of unprecedented moral greatness.

As it happened, the era following the decline of religion in Europe led not to unprecedented moral greatness, but to unprecedented cruelty, superstition, mass murder and genocide. But believers in reason without God remain unfazed. Secularists have ignored the vast amount of evidence showing that evil on a grand scale follows the decline of Judeo-Christian religion."

I think the big problem with using reason alone as your moral compass is that we all tend to use reason to justify our own bad behaviors. We've done it since we were kids. "It's not so bad...everybody's doing it!" In my brief 38 years on this earth, I've seen a steep moral decline as our society reasons itself into decadence and depravity. My conclusion is that "reason"able people are most unreasonable, because they fail to acknowledge the God of creation and the Jesus Christ who taught about true righteous living.

None of us can live up to Jesus' example, but in striving to do so we can still make this world a better place. And that seems reasonable to me.


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