Friday, December 10, 2004

Great Sex!

Warren Throckmorton, a mental health counselor, has analyzed a new sex education program for certain schools in that teaches kids, using a video with a female model and a cucumber stand-in) about the proper application of a condom, but fails to teach kids the harmful psychological effects of having premarital sex.

An excerpt from his article:

"Concerning marital sex, the same report indicates that “a monogamous sexual partnership embedded in a formal marriage evidently produces the greatest satisfaction and pleasure.” (p. 364). Further, religious women are more likely to report being sexually satisfied than non-religious counterparts. These are the women who are more likely to have waited until they can follow the teachings of their faith about being “embedded in a formal marriage” before they have sex. However, presumably abstaining works for those of all faiths and those with none.

Why don’t health educators want kids to know these things? Good question. Ask it sometime at school board meeting.

Instead religious people and those who favor abstinence until marriage are usually portrayed as prudish, repressed folks afraid to talk about sex, let alone practice it. Rather it appears those smiles may be more than religious euphoria.

Given the positive health and mental health benefits of abstinence, it looks to me like these research findings should be prominently featured in sex education curricula. That is unless all we want to do is get latex around the problem. "

I think this is how ridiculous it is: "abstinence" is associated with a religious teaching, and to teach it is offer a moral lesson based in religiousity. That is a no-no. We don't make moral judgments about your sexual decisions and lifestyle, so let's just teach you how to do it safer.

I don't care if schools teach kids about Christ at Christmas, because they'd goof it up anyway--but teaching kids about the proper use of condoms and not the benefits of abstinence when it is clear that kids who DO abstain will NEVER get pregnant nor will they get a veneral disease, PLUS they are much less likely to experience depression or attempt suicide, is nuts. Leave the values out of the equation. If you're going to offer sex education, the point shouldn't be that you can have sex all you want with no side-effects if you simply apply the condom like the girl does on the cucumber in the video.


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