Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"Chipping away" at abortion

I enjoy David Limbaugh's thoughts more than those of his more famous brother...but that's just my opinion.

Read his article on the provision in the spending bill that bars federal, state or local agencies from using financial coercion to pressure health care providers to perform abortion services or referrals.

A little excerpt:

Just as homosexual activists characterize proponents of preserving the age-old institution of traditional marriage as enemies of their civil rights, these liberal pro-aborts are saying, in effect, that unless the government proactively encourages the practice of abortion, it is "gutting" or "chipping away" at abortion rights."

Abortion advocates want to force healthcare providers who receive government payments into performing abortions...even against their own moral
consciences. Funny how they picked the "pro choice" label to make it sound like killing babies is a positive thing, but then they don't even live up to their own label by taking away the choices of healthcare providers to decide whether or not to perform abortions. Is there irony there, or is it just hypocritical?


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