Wednesday, November 17, 2004

City council passes amended ordinance

Narrowed plan passes: Discrimination ban limited to city hiring practices

Well, they imposed their political correctness on themselves but fortunately not the rest of us. They're just simmering us frogs until they can turn up the heat and we won't know what got us. That said, this buys us some time to replace certain council members...and us True Believers will be very actively contributing our time and finances to defeat candidates who would classify homosexuals as a protected class and force churches and businesses to extend to them the same protections that African Americans rightfully deserve.

It is a shame, in my opinion, that a business would discriminate against someone if it is discovered that the employee is a homosexual. We're all sinners. If I fired every sinner, I'd have to fire myself. That said, we can't have civil protections for every class of sinners. Who's next? Adulterers? Thieves?

Like I've said before, I've hired homosexuals before and I would hire them again if they were the best candidate for the job. It wouldn't be, nor can it be, a question on a job application form. How can I discriminate against someone for their sexual preferences if I don't know they are gay? If they would keep their sexual preferences out of the workplace it wouldn't be an issue at all. I don't want anyone who works for me to make a display of their sexual preferences. Period.


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