Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Can the Dems get faithful?

From Hugh Hewitt's blog:

"...the New York Times runs "Some Democrats Believe the Party Should Get Religion." The article quotes Al From as he correctly frames the dilemma for Democrats: "You can't have everybody who goes to church vote Republican; you just can't." What From knows is that the key demographic that is causing heartburn for Dem strategists are Americans who attend church nearly every week. Forget what people label themselves. Categorize them by what they do. And in 2004, if they went to church (or synagogue) nearly every week, they voted overwhelmingly GOP. (George Barna has a different way of slicing it, but I prefer to chart folks by actions, not self-descriptions.)

The problem for Democrats are that the people who attend church every week overwhelmingly believe that abortion is wrong and that marriage is an institution reserved for one man and one woman. (I don't have data on this --it is just my hunch. I'd love to have confirming or counter-data sent to me.)

Which means all the declarations about the Dems' need to broaden their appeal are meaningless unless and until the Dems speak convincingly on the subject of abortion or marriage. The party cannot for reasons related to the influence of its pro-choice, pro-gay marriage elites, so there is no chance of closing the "religion gap." An honest article would have reported this, instead of suggesting that Hillary could close the religion gap by declaiming against partial birth abortion. Rudy Guiliani might be able to satisfy Iowa primary voters with some statements like that, but Hillary couldn't persuade regular church attenders with such posturing."


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