Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sleepless in Topeka

Am I going to keep watching Tom Brokaw all night now that the crew at Fox News has turned in? I'm blurry eyed and I have no promise of satisfaction, but I guess I can't help myself. Bush is so close!

I believe we are going to see the anti-Christian left become unhinged in the next few weeks (as if they already haven't been). The only thing that could upset them so much about Bush is his faith. It drives them crazy as liberal elitists think a TRUE belief in God and devotion to Christ as lunacy.

When Bush finally is able to claim victory, think of all the losers left in his wake. Kerry, yes, but also Michael Moore and George Soros and Terry McAuliffe and Dan Rather.

Our prayer should be for healing in our land, and that the President will be able to govern without fear of the hate-driven enemies he has in our own country.

God bless America!


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