Sunday, October 17, 2004

Bob Hanson for State Senate - Dist. 19

A note from my friend Sylvia and her husband Mel:

"Mel and I are campaigning for Bob Hanson who is running for State Senate in District 19 against Anthony Hensley. Mr. Hensley is the lead Democrat in the legislature and has been in office for over 28 years. He voted against the marriage amendment to protect marriage and its benefits exclusively for one man and one woman. (He voted for the first Senate version which protected only the word marriage, not its benefits).

Bob has no big financial backing or "group" of people running his campaign. He has grassroot support doing what they can to help him. Even though Mel and I are not in his district we want to help Bob win. We understand that if Bob is elected the conservatives will have one more vote in the Senate than the liberals. It's that close; it's that important for Bob to win."

Support Bob Hanson in any way you can.

He is the pastor of Shawnee Heights Baptist Church--in fact, he is my dad's pastor. If there is to be a clear victory for conservative Christians in the statehouse, this is the race to win.


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