Friday, November 19, 2004

If you think secularism in America is bad...

The forces of secularism have been trying to impose its will on Americans for at least three decades now. I think the reelection of President Bush is a successfully placed "thumb in the dike" (uhhh...maybe a bad pun) to hold back incessant efforts to remove all presence of God in the public square. If you want to see where we may very well be going, check out what's going on in Europe.

Interesting excerpts:

"...Catholic and Christian religion had been pushed out of the public debate and was being "driven into the margins."

"Describing the development of a 'secular ideological aggression' across the continent as 'cause for concern,' the cardinal said: 'In Sweden, a Protestant minister who preached about homosexuality on the basis of an excerpt from the scriptures was put in jail for a month.
Secularism is no longer that element of neutrality, which opens up space for freedom for all. It is beginning to change into an ideology which, through politics, is being imposed.
It concedes no public space to the Catholic and Christian vision, which as a result runs the risk of turning into a purely private matter, so that deep down it is no longer the same."

"In politics, it seems to be almost indecent to speak about God, almost as it were an attack on the freedom of someone who doesn't believe."

"The sexual act has lost its meaning and purpose. . . to the point that all kinds of sexuality have become the equivalents of each other. The main consequence is the placing of homosexuality and heterosexuality on equal terms."


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