Monday, December 20, 2004

Merry Non-Offensive Seasonal Greetings

Headlines from around the globe as the world tries to take Christ out of Christmas:

In Italy, it's been a rough year for the baby Jesus
Atheists don't like "Giving Tree"
Standing up to aggressive secularism
School board bans Christmas carols
Christmastime event in Denver is no-Christian zone
School officials debate rules for politically correct holidays
Christmas is taboo in America, but now people are fighting back
School Rules in Favor of the Grinch
Christmas is the new "C-Word"
Night of caroling won't be silenced
Merry Christmas from the Enlighted Liberal Left Coast
Merry Solstice? Hum Bug!
Florida county reverses ban on Christmas trees
Nativity scene ban sparks city protest
Without apology, Merry Christmas!

I think Christians need to re-make our holiday. The Christmas of our childhoods is gone. Let's take it back! Buy gifts only from stores that acknowledge Christmas, and don't buy a lot of gifts anyway. Make gifts. If these municipalities want the tax revenue that Christmas offers but don't want to acknowledge Christmas, and retailers want Christmas sales but won't tell us why we should be buying stuff from them at this apparently insignificant time of year, let's stay home and make Christmas special in some other way. There are other times of the year we can buy expensive stuff for our loved ones, but maybe it's time we send a clear message to our governments and our retailers that they banish Christmas at their own peril.


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