Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Left's Assault on Christianity

David Limbaugh is still my favorite columnist. He does it again in his latest column, "A Case of Collective Projection."

Here's an excerpt regarding the Left's recent diatribes against Christians:

"It’s almost as if they’re thinking the Christian mindset is so dangerous that it must be preemptively silenced, or that Christians want to establish a theocracy so their influence must be preemptively diminished. What else explains their freewheeling demonization of Christians and their concerted effort to suppress their religious liberties, all in the name of tolerance, inclusiveness and freedom? They obviously miss the irony that they are already engaged in the very behavior that they merely fear Christians might engage in if not stopped."

And another nice little ditty:

That Christians can’t seek to influence the culture, politics or the public square without being of accused of trying to establish a theocracy is maddening. It is precisely because of this nation’s Judeo-Christian roots that those of all faiths enjoy unparalleled religious liberty."


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