Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Unborn babies feel pain


Your Immediate Action is Requested!

Medical evidence is now overwhelming--unborn babies do indeed feel pain. That means that during an abortion, a baby is in agony during his or her futile struggle to stay alive!

With this scientific proof in hand, it is time for the pro-life community to rise up and ensure that pregnant women know this truth by petitioning Congress to pass the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.

+ + Tell Mothers the Truth About Fetal Pain + +

Abortionists do not want pregnant women to know that their babies experience excruciating pain during an abortion. Sadly, a federal judge recently called a baby’s pain "irrelevant."

Now that we know the scientific truth, we want to enact a law requiring abortionists to inform all women considering an abortion after 20 weeks gestation the truth about their baby's capacity to feel pain.

We believe--as do the abortionists--that if such a bill passes into law and women know that their babies suffer as they die, many will reconsider and turn back. The truth of the pain abortion causes could save many lives!

+ + 100,000 Petitions Needed in 30 Days + +

With a new, decidedly pro-life Congress in place, hope for passage of such a bill has never been more promising!

That is why the Center is calling on the pro-life community in our nation to sign our national petition supporting the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.

Please take action with us and be among the very first to sign your name to this petition by clicking here:

Over the next 30 days, we want to rally at least 100,000 citizens, and present these petitions directly to Congress, urging them to give their full support to passage of this bill.

We must not squander this opportunity to save hundreds-- potentially thousands--of unborn babies each year through this legislation.

That is why throughout the month of January, the Center is dedicating its resources to LIFE--with a major emphasis on exposing the plight of the unborn.

As Center Executive Director Dr. Gary Cass asked during a recent Right to Life breakfast: "What have you done to stop the flow of innocent babies' blood from running down the sewers in your community?"

You can petition Congress by adding your name to this
important petition:

Thank you for standing with the unborn.

D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.


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