Friday, December 31, 2004

God and tsunami

Pastor and author John Piper offered a biblical perspective on the calamity in Asia in his “Fresh Words” column. Piper emphasized five points for mediation and action: (1.) Satan is not ultimate, God is. (2.) Even if Satan caused the earthquake in the Indian Ocean the day after Christmas, he is not the decisive cause of 100,000-plus deaths, God is. (3.) Destructive calamities in this world mingle judgment and mercy. (4.) The heart that Christ gives to His people feels compassion for those who suffer, no matter what their faith. (5.) Christ calls us to show mercy to those who suffer, even if they do not deserve it.

I personally don't think Satan has power over the natural world, just power to influence the attitudes and decisions of mankind. God set the world spinning on its axis and he may or may not be in heaven at his computer keyboard transmitting orders for grave destruction...he might otherwise be letting the world do what the world does on its own and waiting to see who will do what's right and good and who will become even more evil in the wake of a disaster.

Christians can't spend a great deal of time pondering why "bad things happen to good people." We must simply be obedient to the Father and show love and compassionate care to those in need.


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