Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dave Haupert releases new album

My friend Dave Haupert has released a new 6-song album of his Christian tunes that he has penned himself. Here is a portion of a letter he sent to me and many of his friends and supporters:
I'm so excited to be able to say I finally have finished my first CD and it's available now! The CD is self-titled, and is an EP (an EP is a little shorter length than your average CD, usually 3-6 songs- mine is 6 songs!). I certainly have plenty of music to fill a whole CD, but it seemed like I could either wait until I have recorded 10 songs to make a full length CD, or rush to record some more of my songs, or do what I did- give it my absolute best, my 100 to complete 6 great songs for an EP release and get out there and start sharing. Since this is not my full time job, I couldn't possibly handle recording and gigging at the same time, so the great news is that I'm now able to spend more of my efforts on live performances and doing ministry!

I was really blessed to be able to work with some awesome talent on these songs, especially the newer ones. Will Denton did drums on 4 of the songs- he's the drummer for Steven Curtis Chapman! Joe Mazza, who has played guitar for Nicole C Mullen among others, did some awesome jazz guitar playin' on Track 3. And Rocky Yera, a smokin' sax player from Miami (and one of the best players I've ever heard) performed on two songs as well!

Here's an overview of the songs:
No Plan B - you can hear this one online.
Precious Hands - The song I wrote when my daughter was born - also online What Can Separate Us? - This is a mid-tempo smooth jazz song based on my favorite Bible verse- Romans 8:35 Each Time I Fall - a slow jazz standard style song speaking about those times when we feel that we are struggling in life, yet God has such better plans for us. The sax on this one still gives me goosebumps to hear! When I was Just Your Age - written for my two older boys, an up tempo rock song about the memories from my childhood and my longing to hold on to them. Are You Ready? - this song was rerecorded with live drums and all new vocals. Listen to it online!

The CD was mastered by Vinnie Alibrandi in Nashville and he did a stellar job really bringing the songs together.

The CD is available for sale at, and I have direct links to the pages up on my site:
I highly recommend you pick up a copy of his CD. It's great stuff, and will be a blessing to you!


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