Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A note from Americans for Progress...


About the science standard’s hearings…I have a Bachelor of Science degree and have had an appreciation of the study of science. I attended part of Thursday and all of Saturday’s evolution hearings and heard a lot of scientific evidence from many very credible PhD scientists that conflicts with the theory of evolution. However, not one article in the media mentions any of those facts, only attempts to discredit by misrepresentations of attendees and the process.

Please make sure to note that this was the stated strategy of the Kansas Citizens for Science (KCFS) in an internal memo from their media contact and is quoted in Dr. Abrams’ letter, below. It is quite enlightening and explains why we are not going to read in the media what really happened in the hearings. There would be no embarrassment for Kansas on this issue if the opposition was not purposely arranging for it, as they say they also did in 1999. This media bias is reprehensible and shouldn’t be unchallenged.

I understand that none of the 4 “moderate” board members attended the meetings; Bill Wagnon, Carol Rupe, Janet Waugh, & Sue Gamble. How can they vote on the proposed standard revisions when they refused to view the evidence? The media is saying the 6 “conservative” board members already had their minds made up; funny, shouldn’t they say the same for the 4 who didn’t show for any of the testimony?

  • A call is needed to express appreciation and support for the State Board for holding these hearings to give Kansans the scientific evidence for the proposed changes to the science standards. They are being unjustly maligned in the media here, nationally and internationally. The SBOE website link is and the State Board’s number is 785-296-3203.
  • We also need anyone who can to attend on Thursday, May 12th, in Topeka at Memorial Hall, 10th and Jackson at 8:30 a.m. for the oppositions’ statements.

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