Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Democrats, Christians and Social Issues

A break from the evolution debate as David Limbaugh once again pens a great column, "Democrats, Christians and Social Issues."

You may recall that Mr. Limbaugh was in Topeka a few short months ago and gave a terrific speech. He's one of my favorite columnists.

Some excerpts are in order:
"...the national Democratic Party's approach to Christians is analogous to an abusive husband in complete denial, seeking reconciliation when it suits his purposes, but otherwise engaged in a pattern of abuse."

"The popular culture does routinely mock and demean Christians, who are the only group not protected by the selective "tolerance" of political correctness, but mere derision is not our primary grievance. We cite it mainly to demonstrate the antipathy of the secularist culture toward people of faith.

More troubling are the discrimination against Christians at the hands of the government -- mainly the courts -- and the consequent suppression of their religious liberty, and the scrubbing of Christianity from the public square, as if it were a contagious airborne disease."

"I don't highlight these abuses for the sake of whining, to evoke sympathy, to incite counter-abuse against the perpetrators or to portray Christians as helpless victims. My purpose is to wake up the dormant, naive, oblivious and apathetic among us. As Christians we will only lose our religious liberties and be defeated in the Culture War, if we permit it to happen."

"While many secularists seem to believe otherwise, Christians want neither a Christian theocracy, nor the suppression of religious liberties of any other group. Christianity stands for freedom, and we will vigorously defend the religious liberty of anyone, regardless of his faith or lack thereof. But we must demand an equal seat at the table of religious liberties."

"Most Christian conservatives are not single issue -- or even single category of issues -- people. But they do care deeply about social issues and believe in electing executives who will appoint constitutionalist judges and legislators who will confirm them -- and who share and will promote, within the law, their values.

For liberals to woo Christian conservatives, they must stop the pattern of abuse and get on the right side of the Culture War. Pretending to do so just won't be enough."

Remember the words of Jesus: "The people of the world will hate you because you belong to me, for they don't know God who sent me."


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