Friday, April 22, 2005

'Good sex for teens': The war against abstinence

Given the almost universal popularity of abstinence education, it seems strange that Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) soon will introduce legislation that would effectively abolish federal abstinence education programs. These programs supply nearly all the governmental support for teaching abstinence in U.S. schools.
The Baucus anti-abstinence plan would take federal funds that are devoted to teaching abstinence and turn them over to state public health bureaucracies to spend as they will. Since these bureaucracies have been wedded for decades to “safe sex” and fiercely opposed to teaching abstinence, the implications of this change are obvious.
Why is it that the Democrats are always on the opposite side of parents on morality issues? Promoting abstinence means promoting a key tenet of the Christian worldview that sex is between a husband and wife, and so therefore even if it makes the most sense as a solution to a social problem they can't possibly support it. And they just can't bring themselves to pass moral judgments on behavior. Who are they to tell YOU that sex between 14 year old kids is wrong...unless those 14 year olds don't use a condom of course.


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