Wednesday, April 06, 2005

An Excellent Day for Kansas

What a wonderful election...a great day for those with Christian values. Voters rejected the hysterical claims of the pro-gay marriage movement that a YES vote was a vote for discrimination and hate. And our city council election was also a great step. Even though voters recently, and to my dismay, rejected the measure that would have stopped efforts to codify sexual preference as a protected class, they did manage to elect mostly council members who will not even bring up the subject (hopefully).

Here's a letter I received from Dan Walker, director of Family Action Network:

Dear Pastors and Christian Leaders,
I thought I would share an analysis of Tuesday's election results. Praise the Lord, it was a landslide for family values!
The constitutional amendment to protect marriage in Kansas received 71% of the vote statewide and 67% in Shawnee County. It passed in 104 of the state's 105 counties (only liberal Douglas county rejected it). This measure will permanently protect Kansas from recognizing other state's homosexual "marriages" and civil unions. It will also protect us from rogue state judges who would redefine what constitutes marriage.
We even had a greater landslide for our families in the Topeka city elections. We won 5 of 5 city council races and the Mayor's race. We have gone from a pro-homosexual majority on the city council and a pro-homosexual mayor prior to the election, to a 2/3 majority of pro-family council members and a pro-family mayor now. Two pro-homosexual city council incumbents were resoundingly defeated. Duane Pomeroy, the longest serving council member (who voted for special homosexual rights every time they came up) got only 37% of the vote; and Tiffany Muller (the radical homosexual lobbyist who received tens of thousands of dollars from national homosexual groups) got only 36% of the vote. The difference in city government will be night and day. Praise the Lord!
Our next challenge with the City of Topeka will be to ensure they hire a pro-family City Manager. Topeka voted last fall to change its form of government to one with a city manager. Please let the members of the Topeka City Council know that you want them to hire a pro-family City Manager. In many liberal cities the city manager is the cheerleader for expanding special rights for homosexuals.
We also have good news from the Kansas legislature. The homosexual rights bill that had a hearing in the state senate is now dead (for this year). Businesses and churches will not be forced to hire homosexuals. We will have to stay vigilant in the future as this will come up every year in the legislature.
I would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work that made these results happen. No longer will the radical homosexuals be able to claim the public mandate in Topeka or in Kansas for their cause. The people have spoken loud and clear.
Because of Jesus,
Dan Walker


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