Monday, March 28, 2005

From the pastor of Judge Greer's church...

Terri Schiavo ‘should matter to us,’


Like evangelicals across the world we are horrified at the thought that a handicapped woman could be in effect starved to death before a watching world. Like many pastors I am not an expert in the law. I cannot debate the variances of custody rights, or even debate the medical analysis of a Persistent Vegetative State versus a Minimally Conscious State. But I know right from wrong. I know what God thinks about human life. I know there is only one way to describe the prospect of starving a woman to death because she cannot feed herself. It is wrong.

Clearly this is a tortuous case. But it is precisely such moments when morality and truth must serve as our guide. Terri Schaivo is not on life support. She is not dying. Good evidence exists to suggest that she is responsive. All she receives is food and water, the same as you and me. Are we to conclude that she is less than human because she cannot feed herself? Can a month old child feed himself? Is an elderly patient stricken with some debilitating disease and not unable to feed themself suddenly less human? Do we now use an IQ test to determine if someone possesses the right to live? Isn’t that God’s choice? Only God can give life, and only He should take it away.


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