Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Culture of Life

Wall Street Journal: The Schiavo case shows that it's about more than abortion.
During the presidential campaign last year, George W. Bush talked about the need to promote a "culture of life." Anyone who dismissed such talk as just a way to spin antiabortion views without scaring pro-choice voters should pay closer attention. Today the Terri Schiavo case is revealing that protecting life is much broader than that single issue, and that it is a central component of Mr. Bush's governing philosophy.
On stem cell research, cutting off federal funding of abortion clinics overseas, bringing faith-based groups into public policy and judicial nominations, President Bush has been nudging American society toward a culture of life. Now, by flying back to Washington and signing legislation well into the night, Mr. Bush is laying out a cultural marker. The president of the United States is saying, We're for life. That's not political pandering. It's the rise of a cultural movement.
It's refreshing to see that in many corners of our society, life in its many forms still has value--just as it's disheartening to see in other corners that certain forms of life are discardable.


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