Thursday, March 17, 2005

Curt Schilling's Testimony

Read the Bosox pitcher's moving testimony of how he came to know Christ in Marvin Olasky's latest column on

He never talked publicly about the changes going on inside him, which he summarized over lunch in this way: "I no longer have the desire to hate anybody. ... I'm not sinning as much. ... I realize the lessons in everything, even losing, and can take away something about better preparation or the need for humility. ... It becomes a lot easier to live with yourself. ... I know now the difference between failure and non-success. ... You work as hard as you can with what God gives you. You fail only if you quit."
I think it's great that Schilling has become so open about his faith. Hopefully a lot of the kids (and adults) who admire his athletic ability will learn a thing or two about faith as well.


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