Sunday, March 13, 2005

A motivational speech

Read Robust Faith by Doug Giles. It is a motivational speech for Christians.

If Christians would toughen up a bit, get out of the religious closet, follow their faith instead of their fears, and live their beliefs in a more robust way, we would once again change the face of this nation more drastically than Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon altered his mug.

Hey Christian, why don’t you go public with your faith? Why don’t you work what you supposedly believe into your sphere of influence, huh, PC JC man? Come on, Dinky … true faith is resilient. It can handle scrutiny. It has answers for tough questions. It has solutions for societal pollution. It wants to go play outside.

God designed Christianity to be a 4WD spiritual vehicle with mudders, a truck that brings life to the outback.
The four spiritual qualities he says we must possess to influence today's culture are:
1. Incorporate what you believe into your daily grind.
2. Bump up the quality of your spiritual experience.
3. Get a passion for effective action.
4. Labor for personal, ecclesiastical and national reform.
And, in conclusion:
...true spirituality is incredibly practical, robust and workable no matter where you dwell or what you do. If your spirituality/Christianity isn’t viable and stout in the most difficult of cultures, then it ain’t the stuff Moses and Christ sold.
Remember the old Sunday School song, "This Little Light of Mine"? Well, too often, Christians are hiding their light under a bushel (NO!) instead of letting it shine. We shelter ourselves and our faith from the world instead of going into it and being the light that Christ said we should be. Even putting our kids in private Christian schools, as tempting as that may be, results in a weakened Christian impact on our society (I'm not saying you shouldn't put your kids in private schools, but you should strongly consider WHY you are doing it). If we take ourselves out of culture, how can we influence it? If we don't share biblical answers to those we can influence, how can we expect to make an impact? Griping about how horrible things have become doesn't solve anything...sharing God's Word with the world around THAT's power.


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