Monday, March 14, 2005


This is an URGENT message that needs your immediate attention and action. Read this tonight. Tomorrow is too late!!
The radical homosexual agenda is mounting an OFFENSIVE campaign to now include "sexual orientation" as part of our state's non-discrimination policy.
They have a hearing scheduled tomorrow to consider Senate Bill 285. The hearing is before the Senate's Federal & State Affairs committee in Room 231-N at 10:30 am Tuesday, March 15th. For your review, at the bottom of this email, I have included a link that outlines SB 285.
What would inclusion of "sexual orientation" do, you ask? Here are some highlights:

It would add "sexual orientation" to prohibited discrimination practices in state law as it concerns employment, housing, and public accomodations (which is about any kind of business that provides a good or service).

If passed this bill could:
Force churches to hire homosexual pastors
Force Christian schools to hire homosexual teachers
Force Christian daycares to hire homosexual workers
Force landlords, including widows who rent out the basements of their home, to rent to cohabitating homosexuals

Force all business to hire and prove they hire homosexuals. This bill is anti-business. It would be an invitation to lawsuits because no business could "prove" that they were not discriminating in hiring.

If a business is sued for racial or gender discrimination it is easy for them to document how many employees they have of each race or gender. If they were sued for not hiring someone because of their sexual orientation how could they answer the question "How many gays to you employ?" Since employer's would not ask that of their employees, they wouldn't know of any. So then that would be used as proof of discrimination.

Another argument against this is "Where is the proof of discrimination?" Homosexuals have above average education and income. Where are they forced to the back of the bus like blacks? Where have fire hoses been aimed at them? When were the police dogs unleashed on them? Where have there been water fountains labeled "gay" and "straight"? This is an insult to the cause of racial equality to equate a LIFESTYLE CHOICE with race or gender discrimination.

Here is a link to the text of the bill (it is 18 pages long):

Read the proposed Senate Bill. It would do on a state level what the pro-homosexual radicals tried to do in the Topeka city council in September 2002 and also November 2004. This is a very dangerous and serious senate bill and it must be opposed and defeated.

Please be at tomorrow's (Tuesday, March 15th) meeting at 10:30. We need pastors who represent congregations to let the senate committee know that we oppose this non-sense. There are ample statistics on the social and economic costs to a proposal like this.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Dan Walker
Family Action Network