Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ann Coulter

We attended the Ann Coulter lecture this evening at KU and enjoyed her typical sarcastic destruction of the liberal philosophy. Of course, she was interrupted the entire evening by enlightened liberals who heckled her the entire way through. Ah, nothing like "free speech liberals" on a college campus ensuring that a conservative's message can't get through.

I was disappointed in how KU handled it. They knew she was going to be a controversial speaker and there would be protesters there, but it was up to the College Republicans to throw the bums out. And the law professor on stage who more or less served as emcee and moderator should have stepped up to the mike and told them to chill out.

During Q&A, one liberal asked her how she jived her Christianity with her social positions...like liberals have the corner on dealing with the poor? Coulter's response: I don't think Jesus would approve of sticking scissors in a partially born babies skull and sucking his brains out, and liberal policies have damaged the poor for decades and it's conservatives who truly have a plan (ie the free market system) to pull them out of poverty.

We got to meet her afterward at a reception and she was very pleasant and conversational...not rushed, though she was already wearing her coat like she was prepared to bolt at any moment.

I wouldn't have blamed her.


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