Thursday, April 07, 2005

A note from Americans for Progress...


The votes are in and Kansas strongly supports traditional marriage!!!

Thank you all for your hard work in the effort to spread the word about the amendment as it was voted on in the Kansas House and Senate. And also, for helping in various ways to inform your friends and neighbors that a “yes” would put that support in our Kansas Constitution. It was a tremendous grassroots effort with many, many people, pastors, churches and pro-family groups coming together, each doing what they could.

There was an incredible amount of misinformation spread to confuse people. Thank you for all the ways you were a voice for clarity and truth.

And thank the Lord for graciously allowing the truth to prevail.

Check statewide Amendment vote at:

Check Shawnee election results at:

All the best to you,

Phillis Setchell


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