Thursday, April 14, 2005

Secularism in Europe--will it come to America?

From the Wall Street Journal: Why Europe's Great Churches are Empty

Practicing Christianity in Europe today enjoys a status not dissimilar to smoking marijuana or engaging in unorthodox sexual activities--few people mind if you do so in private, but you are expected not to talk about it or ask others whether they do it too. Christianity is considered retrograde and atavistic in a "progressive" society devoted to the good life--long holidays, short work hours and generous government benefits.
"If there is no such thing as human nature," Mr. Weigel argues, "then there are no universal moral principles that can be read from human nature." If there are no universal moral truths, then religion, positing them, is merely a form of oppression or myth, one from which Europe's elites see themselves as liberated.
As Christianity spreads across Africa and departs rapidly from Europe, America is left in the middle with still a sizable amount of the faithful--but a growing number of coastal elitists who long to be more "European" -- enlightened, secular, sophisticated, progressive. I'm not saying it will happen in the next decade, but I see the day when the truly faithful Christian in America is an abhoration...a very slim minority who won't let go of their "delusions about God" (as will be the description layed upon them by the vast enlightened ones). We're already losing our moral compass as we have to actually wage a holy war to protect the institution of marriage...something so accepted a few years ago that we couldn't imagine having to modify a constitution to protect it; we see monuments to the Ten Commandments removed from the public square; we're told we can't pray before a football game!

God, help us. When it becomes even more unpopular to be your servants, help us to remain faithful and obedient. Most of all, help us to be the ones who puts our fingers in the dike and keep the European river from quickly flooding our society and sickening our people even more than they are. Let us be the light and defenders of the faith. Help us to keep America a land where Christ can still touch hearts, change lives and be a barrier to further moral decay.


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