Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kansas death penalty sent to US Supremes

Overturned death penalty on appeal at US Supreme Court

The death penalty has always been the one issue I've waffled around on. The "eye for an eye" part of me says that the death penalty is a good thing, and MAYBE it serves as a deterrant. Having said that, I generally come down on the side of life...that is, LIFE IN PRISON STANDING ON A PILE OF ROCKS WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!

First of all, if someone is wrongfully convicted--and it's happened--they can be freed after spending a few years crushing rocks under the hot Kansas sun. Only Jesus could resurrect them from the dead. Second, for truly brutal murderers, why let them get off easy by either getting an injection and going to sleep or lounging in a prison cell reading comics and watching reality TV shows. I think rock crushing for 40 years would be a better deterrent.

There's some Old Testament guidelines that show that the death penalty is acceptable, but Jesus showed us that judgment comes in the next life. We'll get our justice here if we take criminals out of society, but my view is that we shouldn't send them to that eternal courtroom any sooner than necessary.


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