Saturday, January 29, 2005

LJ World: Evangelicals association prepares political platform

Evangelicals association prepares political platform

I'm as Republican as they come, but I've got to agree with this excerpt:

Despite the GOP's increasing support, Clive Calver, a British citizen who led World Relief, the NAE charity arm, says it's important that the words evangelical and Republican not be interchangeable.

"When we align with one political party we get taken for granted," he says. "It is more difficult to make criticisms when appropriate, and it fails to give us the opportunity to lobby for issues that are naturally attuned to the other party."

I'd love to see an evangelical movement in the Democratic party, which would result in politicians across the political spectrum to be forced to respect our clout and positions. The worst thing would be to all be under one tent like African Americans are within the Democratic party, and be totally taken for granted.


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