Wednesday, January 30, 2008

State of the Race

Bemoaning...where oh where did my Republican Party go?

It really started slipping away with our own Sam Brownback endorsing John McCain. No, it started when our elected Republicans began acting like Democrats, but in the actual race for the presidency it started with Sam throwing his own personal convictions into the toilet to support a Senate colleague who brought us McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy and McCain/Lierberman.

Now REAL Republicans, the conservatives in South Carolina and Florida, picked McCain too! You are getting in bed with someone who will be very disappointing to you people! I'd vote for him over Hillary...maybe. My big issue is the Supreme Court, and McCain is too enthralled with pleasing the media and his liberal friends to nominate anyone who will keep the Constitution intact.

With McCain at the top of our ticket, that's when us true-blue conservatives are going to have to make a choice between some third party candidate, holding our nose to vote for McCain (which won't gain us much in the way of court nominees and personal liberties), or letting the Dems have it so they can wreck their havoc for a couple years and we'll be positioned for a come-back in 2 years with Congress.

Do Republicans not remember 1996 when we nominated a cranky old moderate Republican war veteran to go up against a Clinton? Hmmm...what was his name? Oh yeah! Bob Dole!

They think McCain is the only one who can beat Hillary? You're so afraid of Hillary that you will dump your own conservative passions and nominate McCain? Didn't the Dems do that last time with Kerry? They thought HE was Mr. Electable, but there wasn't a great deal of passion on the part of the base...the passion was with Howard Dean.

If you choose McCain, who will not engender any passion on the part of the base, we're doomed...even if he wins. There's no way to win with McCain at the top of the ticket. If he loses, we lose. If he wins, he'll wreck the Republican party even more and we'll lose big...perhaps permanently.

Get serious people!

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